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BCEC Minutes – February 2015

Bordentown City Environmental Commission (BCEC)

Minutes of February 11, 2015

Carslake Community Center Senior’s Room

Minutes Prepared by Cindy Gallagher

Meeting Called to Order at 7:30 P.M.

Attendance: Mike Lahr, Mike Tunney, Ralph Tolemeo (Chair), Katie Nosker

(Members of the public Present): Cindy Gallagher, Jacob Richman, Samantha Wolfe (Watershed Ambassador)

Minutes Approved: January 2015 minutes approved

Communications and Announcements:

  • Lime Kiln Pavilion: Mike Tunney suggested that members view the area and bring suggestions to next meeting for proposed placement, dimensions of pavilion not known
  • 2015 Earth Talk schedule discussed, confirmed February 17 talk was set and ready to go, Ralph Tolemeo will set up River Keeper talk and suggest topic for Proposed Pipeline Education, it was determined that the Lighting Fair (and possibly Police Bicycle Registration) should take place in tandem with the Drug Collection on Saturday, April 25, 2015, BCEC still waiting for Kiwanis feedback for May 2nd clean-up, Samantha Wolfe (Watershed Ambassador) discussed Rain Barrel Workshop details and will follow up at next meeting
  • Planning Board Report: Mike Lahr updated on proposed development of Union Street Pants Factory site
  • Green Team Update: February 1, 2015 deadline for Community Garden Grant met and updates as to grant awards due March 11, 2015, Ralph Tolemeo agreed to reach out to the City governing body re: Farmer’s Market to see who Market Manager is for 2015, discussion of capacity building grant funds to be spent on T-shirts and more re-usable bags, Green Business Recognition set for March 9, 2015 Commission meeting, Green Fair 2015 request for BCEC assistance with needs list, members to come prepared to March meeting to sign up

Other Business:

There was discussion of $3,500 left from a monetary gift to the BCEC and thoughts for spending, suggestions were for a bicycle rack and possibly Community Garden assistance

BCEC Minutes – March 2015

Bordentown City Environmental Commission (BCEC)

Minutes of March 11, 2015

Carslake Community Center Senior’s Room

Minutes prepared by Leah Ducey

Meeting called to order at 7:3 pm

Attendance: (Quorum present) Ralph Tolomeo (Chair), Joel Dowshen (Vice-Chair), Leah Ducey, Mike Lahr, Mike Tunney, Katie Nosker

(Members of the public present): Cathy Elliott-Shaw, Cindy Gallagher

No minutes to approved.  February minutes approved with the Correction of Modern Equipment name.

Public comment:

Communications and Announcements:

  1. Lime Kiln Park update: Unitartians will help 5/3 after church to help weed and mulch butterfly garden. Lead Ducey will be there to guide volunteers.
  2. Oliver Street Park update: Need to establish paths and maintenance plan.
  3. Green Team updates: Cindy Gallagher and Cathy Elliott-Shaw presented Green Business Award to Paul Ciarroca at the Commissioner meeting; Green business decal(donated by Underground Graphics) to go in store window and hope to encourage other businesses to work towards award. Cindy has been trying to get in touch with DBA to talk about handing out more reusable bags. Looking for ways to promote Lighting fair, date? Samantha the watershed ambassador with hook up with Jill Popko to help with high school garden.
  4. Green Fair Update: Volunteer task list going around, please help where you can. BCEC paying for Ad in Bordentown Current.
  5. Street fair update: Cindy is in charge of staffing- 5/16-17 9am-4pm. PLease help staff the booth. Theme will be Green Fair and Community Garden.
  6. BCEC membership update: Katie Nosker appointed.
  7. Farmers Market: Cindy working on finding out who market manager is so GreenTeam can help promote market.
  8. Community Garden Update– No word on grant status. Cathy Elliott-Shaw called AME Zion Church for community meeting 3/24-25, waiting to hear back.
  9. Earth Talk Update: Good turn out on February Skunk Earth Talk, next up Riverkeeper 4/14.
  10. Joel Dowshen brought up the Princeton Environmental Film Fest 3/19-29. Go check out films! Joel also brought up Trenton City Museum Exhibit: The Built Environment 3/14-5/3- Restoring Historic Buildings to be Energy Efficient.

BCEC Events:

  1. 4/11 Shade tree planting
  2. 4/14 Riverkeeper talk
  3. 4/18 Rain Barrel workshop
  4. 4/25 Drug collection
  5. 5/3 Clean up at Butterfly Garden in Lime Kiln
  6. 5/16 Street Fair
  7. 6/13 Greenfair
  8. 10/3-10/4 Cranberry Festival

Planning Board

  1. Vote on resolution for St. Mary’s Nursery school to become residential- School did not follow Planning Boards recommendation to allow access to parking lot.
  2. Committee for Planning Ocean Spray picked Interface to design space for 100k grant received by the City for Park st. front. City will Contract with Interface.

BCEC 2013 Budget :no update

Meeting Adjourned at 9:23 (the next meeting will be April 15th at 7:30pm.)