Bordentown’s Community Asset Map

Have you ever wondered where to find Bordentown’s historic spots?
Where to take an art class or catch a concert?
Want to see where those hiking or biking trails are located or where the closest playground is?

Click here to find the answers…and more!

The Bordentown City Environmental Commission and Green Team have created our very own local Community Asset Web Map.

Community Asset Mapping provides a collective inventory of the valued, special aspects of a community, including places, institutions, programs, and people. Asset mapping is a positive (and enjoyable) approach to learning about a community and provides the foundation for assessing gaps and making improvements. It helps community members to think positively about the place in which they live and work, challenges residents to recognize how other people see and experience the community, fosters civic participation, and can especially engage students. By identifying community assets, local residents, institutions, and businesses can better understand how to build on these important community resources to sustain and enhance them for future generations.

How do you use the Map?

After you open and start to interact with the web map, use the layers pane to turn on or off layers you may be interested in. Zoom out to see the entire city, then zoom in to see labels. Some points on the map can be clicked to reveal additional information. Opening the Legend pane can also help you identify points on the map.

How can you help make the map even better?

This is meant to be a work in progress that changes to represent the available assets in the City and the interests of its residents, so please let us know if you see things that are missing or inaccurate or if there are other important assets that you think should be represented.

In the future, we hope to add photos to many of the existing features in the map and add layers to represent the various craftspeople, makers, etc. within the City.

Have fun…and click HERE to open the interactive map.