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Bordentown City Bicycle and Pedestrian Circulation Study

Pedestrian Conditions Report
Bicycle Conditions Report

Intersections and Gateways

Bicycle and Pedestrians Destinations Map
Pedestrian Conditions Map
Bicycle Compatible Roadways Map

City Resolutions Opposing Pipeline Projects

“Southern Reliability Link Project”
“Transco Compressor Station Project”

Local Reports

Bordentown City Environmental Resource Inventory
Bordentown City Urban Transect
Thorntown Creek Riparian Open Space Assessment and Recommendation Report
Point Breeze Bird & Mammal Inventory – 2023 by CWF of NJ
Invasive Species Report – 2021

BCEC Annual Reports

BCEC 2021 Annual Report
BCEC 2018 Annual Report
BCEC 2011-2012 Annual Report
BCEC 2007 Annual Report
BCEC 2006 Annual Report
BCEC 2005 Annual Report
BCEC 2004 Annual Report
BCEC 2003 Annual Report
BCEC 2002 Annual Report

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BCEC 2006-2007 Visioning Process

Visioning Report 2006-2007


Special Places of Bordentown City map/brochure
Disposal of Grass Cuttings and Other Lawn Manicuring Tips
Idling…What’s the Problem (2013)
Recycling in Bordentown City (2022))
Green Building Brochure (2022)
Home Composting Facts (Rutgers Cooperative Research & Extension)

BCEC Presentations

“Get to Know Your Environment”
BCEC and NJDEP: Working Together (ANJEC Congress 2006)

Bordentown City Master Plan

2021 Comprehensive Master Plan

2002 Master Plan Reexamination Element
2004 Land Use Element
2005 Open Space Plan Element
Utilities Plan Element
2007 Conservation Element
2005 Housing Element and Fair Share Plan
2005 Stormwater Management Plan

Regional Reports

Delaware River Heritage Trail Report

Stream Monitoring

Crosswicks Creek Stream Gauge
Crosswicks Creek Stream Flows
2006 Surface Water Monitoring Results
Thorntown Creek Stream Flows

Open Space Planning

Oliver Street Park Photo-Simulation
Lime Kiln Alley Park Photo-Simulation

Water Department Drinking Water Reports

2013 Water Report
2012 Water Report
2008 Water Report
2007 Water Report
2006 Water Report
2005 Water Report
2004 Water Report