BCEC Minutes – January 2016

Bordentown City Environmental Commission (BCEC)

Minutes of January 13, 2016

Carslake Community Center Senior’s Room

Minutes Prepared by Katie Nosker

Meeting Called to Order at 7:30 P.M.

Attendance: Ralph Tolemeo (Chair), Joel Dowshen (Co-Chair), Leah Ingalsbe-Ducey, Katie Nosker, Mike Tuney, Andy Richardson, Keith Onsdorff, Joe Malone (Mayor)

(Members of the public present): Cathy Elliott-Shaw

Minutes: Minutes from December 9, 2015 approved.

Communications, Announcements, New Business:

  • BCEC Membership Recruiting
    1. Ralph encourages everyone to recruit new members
    2. Mike Tuney is appointed to the Planning Board
  • Planning Board Report
    1. Katie drafted memo of support to the Planning Board regarding the Ocean Spray site. BCEC supports the comment and makes edits. BCEC would like to meet with Interface Design to discuss plans. Katie will make edits and send to Mike Tuney for presentation to the Planning Board.
    2. Joe Malone reports on Planning Board and other city activities:
      1. 5 houses were approved in the Feed Mill site
      2. A developer, Chris Vernon, is working on a hotel on the McGuire Chevrolet site. The plan is to break ground in April. Part of the property is in the City, while part is in the township. This property will have a large digital sign that the city will be able to use to promote events. Developer is considering a shuttle from the hotel to the City’s downtown.
  • The City is working with Fieldsboro on some shared services, including police and other services
  1. Joe Malone wants to start an Executive Council to demonstrate how Bordentown’s form of government works
  2. The City now owns properties that are derelict. The plan is to raze them or turn them over.
  3. A gazebo is going to be constructed on the beach soon. The permits for this have been acquired. Another gazebo will be going up at Hilltop Park.
  • The City has a grant for playground equipment. They will be replacing equipment in City parks
  • Radiological contaminants have been found in Bordentown City water, which is shared with other municipalities. A temporary filtration system has been installed. The City is taking samples to determine if contaminants are reaching city homes. New wells are being drilled. This is a 6-9 month process. The City held a hearing about this issue. Joe Malone stated that he could ask the engineering firm do an Earth Talk in May on this issue
  • Green Team Report
    1. Sustainable Jersey actions are a priority for the green team. They are submitting actions periodically as we progress toward spring
      1. Ralph is working on prescription drug collection action
      2. Katie and Mike are working on an action for the BCEC to provide recommendations to the Planning Board
  • Leah is working on a community garden action and reusable bags action
  1. Joel is working on a recycling action
  2. Andy is working on a school garden action
  1. January is Radon awareness month – check your homes!
  • BCEC Budget
    1. Any budget requests should be sent to Ralph
    2. Joe Malone wants to set up an ordinance to guarantee funds to BCEC and other city entities. This will be more permanent than resolutions, which are currently used
    3. BCEC is able to do fundraisers if they choose – perhaps for community garden activities
    4. BCEC is a member of ANJEC. We pay annual dues to belong to this group.
  • Fall/Winter BCEC Newsletter – prepared by Joel, newsletter is approved. He will hold off on emailing it until the submission procedures are finalized with the City. Survey is included in the newsletter

Ongoing Projects:

  • Community Garden Update
    • Leah will talk with Grace about fee collection and registration.
    • City will distribute Community Garden flyer
  • Earth Talks and Events:
    • Leah will conduct community garden earth talk on March 22nd at 7pm
    • Consider pollination station to do Earth talk on February 2nd
    • Street Fair – May 21st and 22nd
    • Pat Skelly has been awarded the 2015 Excellence in Environmental Education Award. There will be a dinner and conference on January 22nd


The meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm.

Next BCEC Meeting: Wednesday February 10, 2016 @ 7:30 PM

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