BCEC Minutes – May 2015

Bordentown City Environmental Commission (BCEC)

Minutes of June 10, 2015

Carslake Community Center Senior’s Room

Minutes Prepared by Joel Dowshen

Meeting Called to Order at 7:30 P.M.

Attendance: Mike Lahr, Mike Tunney, Ralph Tolomeo (Chair), Katie Nosker, Joel Dowshen, Andy Richardson, Kate Connors , Keith Onsdorff.

(Members of the Green Team and public Present): Cathy Elliott-Shawn, Joe Malone (Mayor), Devon Valenti, Patty Ritter, Angela Ritter, Christopher Ritter, Kevin Ritter, Colleen Ritter, Jamie Jones.

Minutes: May minutes not available as there was no quorum for the meeting. Minutes for the March and April meetings were presented and approved.

Communications, Announcements, New Business:

  • New members of the Environmental Commission;
    1. Kate Connors and Keith Ornsdorff were introduced and welcomed.
  • Storage of all BCEC display materials;
    1. Signage and supplies are now in Sallie’s office in Carslake.
    2. After the meeting members helped consolidate and eliminate outdated material.
  • Additional Doggie Bags have been ordered for $488.
  • New Earth Talks will begin in the Fall.
    1. Ideas for the talks will be discussed at the July meeting.
  • Planning Board report:
    1. Mike Lahr was away for the last meeting so Mayor Malone noted that there has been a ground-breaking for the senior housing project at the old shirt factory; Park and 2nd The contract has been awarded and work has begun.

Ongoing Projects:

  • Community Garden Update;
    • Several members of the BCEC and Green Team and volunteers installed the post & rail fence
    • The next step is installation of a low, mesh fence to keep out animals.
      • The date of installation will be either June 20th or 27th 8:30 am start.
      • Once date is settled and email will go out for volunteers
    • High School Native Plant Garden;
      • This is being done as a joint effort between the BCEC, the Green Team, the Township Environmental Commission and students.
        • They are looking at making it a pollinator garden
      • Lime Kiln Alley;
        • The butterfly garden has been put in excellent shape by volunteers (especially the Unitarian Church group). Would like to have them commit to future maintenance.
        • The City is maintaining the property by keeping the entry/picnic/butterfly garden areas mowed, the trail/path mowed. And are leaving the meadow areas grow naturally with an annual or semi-annual trimming.
      • Oliver Street Parks:
        • Mayor Malone commented that the pocket park given to the City by the Delaware River Greenway (near the power plant and Union St.) is now being maintained and mowed by the City.
        • Mayor Malone asked if the City could mow the Oliver St. park (at Oliver and Chestnut). The Commission agreed that the area could be completely mowed and reviewed in the future to re-establish the trail and recreation aspects.

Other Business:

  • The 2015 Street Fair;
    • Attendance seemed to be off this year. Possible cause might be competition from other festivals in the area, e.g. Burlington City celebration.
    • There was a rumor that the 2016 Fair would be reduced to one day. Mayor Malone said that the business association will continue with the 2-day schedule.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 pm when all members joined the Green Team for a Green Fair planning session.

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