BCEC Minutes – October 2015

Bordentown City Environmental Commission (BCEC)

Minutes of October 14, 2015

Carslake Community Center Senior’s Room

Minutes Prepared by Katie Nosker

Meeting Called to Order at 7:30 P.M.

Attendance: Joel Dowshen (Co-Chair), Leah Ingalsbe-Ducey, Katie Nosker, Andy Richardson, Keith Onsdorff, Mike Lahr

(Members of the public present): Cathy Elliott-Shaw, Pat Skelly

Minutes: Minutes from September 9, 2015 approved.

Communications, Announcements, New Business:

  • Group updated BCEC Membership List
  • Schedule for Fall-Winter Earth Talks and Events:
    1. Pat suggests that the Conserve Wildlife group could do a talk on eagles’ nests
    2. Ralph is setting up a tour of the Burlington County Recycling Center
    3. Ralph has tried contacting Cedar Run, Pinelands, and Pollination Station but has not heard back
    4. Pat mentions that Tony from Buzzy Bee coordinates the Native Plant Society, and could provide a presentation and answer questions
    5. Joel suggests that we could do an event in late winter related to the Community Garden
    6. Andy suggested that he could do an earth talk next September on butterflies
  • Planning Board Report
    1. Mike Lahr reports that there will be an emergency meeting regarding the McGuire Chevrolet Redevelopment Site on Sept 19th
    2. Ralph reports that final approval was granted for the construction of 5 houses on Ann Street between 3rd and Spring.
    3. A subdivision from 1 to 2 lots was approved on the corner of Bank and 3rd.
    4. A homeowner on Willow Street was given approval to extend the rear of her house so as to enlarge her kitchen and create a 1st floor bathroom.
  • Green Team Report
    1. Cathy reports that the next priorities will be to review actions for continued certification with Sustainable Jersey
    2. On November 28th Cathy and Cindy will be on a panel regarding small town Green Teams at the League of Municipalities conference
  • 2015 BCEC Budget Report – Funds will be spent by the end of the year including expenditures for the Community Garden and newsletters
  • 2016 BCEC Budget Proposal – Green Fair, Community Garden, Green Team were agreed upon priorities
  • Cranberry Festival Review – Group agrees to start earlier next year recruiting volunteers to work the booth. Perhaps this could be included in the meeting calendar presented at the start of a year
  • Fall/Winter BCEC Newsletter – Joel will work on this. Community Garden will be the focus. Leah will provide Joel with information on the community garden
  • Lime Kiln
    1. Pat noted that the DDUU’s have taken over maintenance of Lime Kiln Alley’s butterfly garden. Leah will help create signs to this effect
    2. Leah noted that there has been a tree down in Lime Kiln Alley for quite some time. She and Andy will look into this

Ongoing Projects:

  • Community Garden Update
    • Leah stated that the shed has been ordered, and the garden has been limed and cover cropped.
  • Oliver Street Maintenance – Group suggests that it would be good if a loop could be maintained

Other Business:

  • Keith suggests that BCEC survey community interest in environmental-related items. Keith said he can put together a list of questions. He would like to include questions about whether the community finds it helpful for the BCEC to have booth space at the fairs. The group can work together to put together a survey with google or survey monkey
  • Group would like to spend meeting time sometime soon to go through materials in Sally’s office. The suggestion is to include this clean-up in a meeting agenda
  • Group would like more information on the two gazebos that are going in around town. Leah and Andy will look into this


The meeting adjourned at 8:20 pm.

Next BCEC Meeting: Wednesday November 11, 2015 @ 7:30 PM.

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