Bordentown City Environmental Commission (BCEC) Minutes of July 9, 2014

Bordentown City Environmental Commission (BCEC)

Minutes of July 9, 2014

Carslake Community Center Senior’s Room

Minutes prepared by Leah Ducey

Meeting called to order at 7:35 pm


Attendance: (Quorum present) Ralph Tolomeo (Chair), Joel Dowshen (Vice-Chair), Andy Richardson, Leah Ducey, Mike Tunney

(Members of the public present): Cathy Elliott-Shaw, Patrick Froelich


May minutes approved.


Public comment:  Patrick Froelich is running a water monitoring workshop 6/12 at 508 Hughes Dr  Hamilton NJ.


Communications and Announcements:

  1. Lime Kiln Park update:  Maintenance has to be kept low, we need to establish a maintenance plan.
  2. Oliver Street Park update: Need to establish maintenance plan.
  3. Greenteam updates:  Green Fair Recap: Most exhibitors and attendance since 1st Green Fair. 6/13/15 next fair.
  4. Community Garden Update– Member of the green team and BCEC met with Jill Popko of the Bordentown Township greenteam to discuss their challenges and successes of starting a community garden; the BT greenteam would like to pair with BC greenteam to start a garden at the high school.
  5. Andy Richardson attended NOFA’s Symphony of Soil film and suggested it as a possible Earth Talk.
  6. Library Garden looks great!  Marsha Dowshen and Leona Lee have cleaned up garden and marked native plants with new plant ID markers.
  7. Bordentown City is going to single stream recycling- we can now recycle # 3,4,6,7
  8. Sean Murphy of the Burlington County Times would like to know what’s going on with the BCEC for an article.
  9. See Andy for staffing the booth for Cranbury Festival
  10. We are co-sponsoring events with Abbott Marsh


BCEC Events:

  1. Cranbury Festival 10/4 and 10/5
  2. GreenTeam Earth talk on Vultures In december



Planning Board:

  1. No update

BCEC 2013 Budget:

  1. No new news



Meeting Adjourned at 8:50 (the next meeting will be August 13th at 7:30pm.)

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