Bordentown City Environmental Commission (BCEC) Minutes of May 14, 2014

Bordentown City Environmental Commission (BCEC) Minutes of May 14, 2014 Carslake Community Center Senior’s Room Minutes prepared by Leah Ducey

Meeting called to order at 7:40 pm Attendance: (Quorum present) Ralph Tolomeo (Chair), Joel Dowshen (Vice-Chair), Michael Lahr, Leah Ducey (Members of the public present): Mayor Malone, Cathy Elliott-Shaw April minutes approved.  Public comment:  none Communications and Announcements:

  1. Lime Kiln Park update:  Mulch needs to be spread on trail.
  2. Oliver Street Park update: Mike Tunney and Don Stein will brush hog. Mayor Malone asked that the BCEC come up with a list of needs for the park and he will see if there is grant money to help obtain supplies.
  3. Greenteam updates: Postcards need to be delivered to local businesses for Green Fair, help promote the Green Fair on Facebook, there are yard signs on Cathy’s porch you can take and display.
  4. Community Garden Update– Member of the green team and BCEC met with Jill Popko of the Bordentown Township greenteam to discuss their challenges and successes of starting a community garden; the BT greenteam would like to pair with BC greenteam to start a garden at the high school.

The BCEC bought a sandwich board to advertise events in town.

  1. BCEC Events– 9 people attended the rainbarrel workshop, the drug drop off was a huge success and the stream walk was cancelled the day of.
  2. Hilltop Park is almost finished and the fence should be up shortly.

BCEC Events:

  1. Green Fair 6/14
  2. Possible Vulture Talk with APHIS-USDA rep October 16 or 23?
  3. Native plant talk?

Planning Board:

  1. Park st water management issue passed and construction can start
  2. Old Roma bank to reconfigure parking lot- no concerns.

BCEC 2013 Budget:

  1. No new news

Meeting Adjourned at 8:40 (the next meeting will be June 11th at 7:30pm.)

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